About us

Dhaka Rickshaw Fiesta is not only to bring to the surface the hard work taken by the rickshaw pullers but to Promote Bangladesh in terms of tourism, trade and culture. The festival consists of mainly three programs; the Dhaka Rickshaw Race, Rickshaw Art Exhibition and District Fair.

It is said that Rickshaw came from Japan long time ago, making its path through many countries as China, India etc. If we open the history we can see a unique bridge among the countries. Additionally, nowhere as rickshaws in Bangladesh are so artistically; decorative, colorful and unique in its own way. Rickshaw also takes us to the profound and beautiful culture of Bangladesh.

Rickshaw sometimes are thought to be against the development of civilization. With the growth of the economy and at the time alternative transportation networks are developed, we may inevitably see less rickshaws in the streets. However through this annual event we might pass on a record for future generation the legacy and the hardship taken by the people for the progress of the country.

After initiating the 1st Dhaka Rickshaw Fiesta in 2013, we encounter people enjoy as an enjoyable cultural festival, some as a sports event, others as a social business. The festival is Open For All. We welcome new ideas to promote the event bigger, attractive and festive.

The Dhaka Rickshaw Fiesta is set to become an annual national event, alongside festivities as a Carnival in Rio, bringing joy and fortunes to the country of Bangladesh.

Dhaka Rickshaw Fiesta Commitee